Learn Japanese By Using It Practically

Fast-track your way to using Japanese practically by learning Japanese through authentic conversations. iOS app and Textbook available now.


Not just a theory–A practical communication tool

Unlike other language learning systems, Nihongo no Kai doesn’t teach you Japanese as just a theory–It’s a robust language-learning tool designed to make learning Japanese fun, effective, practical, and authentic.


Discover a whole new world of language-learning

Traditional language courses often force you to learn abstract phrases that aren’t much use outside of the classroom. With Nihongo no Kai, you’ll learn by putting Japanese to talk about what matters to you in real-world Japanese conversations.


Intimidated by learning a language?

With Nihongo no Kai’s self-led learning system, you’ll discover the natural language learner within yourself. You’ll be impressed by how quickly you begin speaking with confidence!


Our team is here to help!

You won’t be alone in your journey–our team is here to make your dream of learning Japanese come true. The Nihongo no Kai community is a great place to ask questions and interact with fellow Japanese learners.

What people are saying


Really good app and a lot nicer to use than some language apps.


The book and its contents are really easy to follow and interesting to read.


After trying almost every single app, I’ve finally came across Nihongo No Hon. It's by far the best app for learning Japanese.


This app has made my self-learning much more effective! Thank you, team! I’m looking forward to your future updates :)


The design is great and the app simple and straight forward to use. The lessons and content are also very good, allowing you to make progress really quickly, and practice on the go! I would highly recommend it.
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