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Login Streak And Multiplier

A minute read · Mon 27 September

Login Streak And Multiplier

As a bonus to students who log in for multiple consecutive days in a row, Nihongo Life awards a points multiplier. For example, logging in to the website for two consecutive days (say Monday and Tuesday) will raise your Streak count to 2.

The multiplier is a tenth of your Streak to a maximum of ×1.9. If you log in for 10 days in a row (great work!) you’ll get the maximum multiplier of ×1.9, not ×2.0. Your points for any quizzes won’t be doubled, that’s too much. In the case above, logging in for two consecutive says will set your multiplier at ×1.2.

After a bit of math, (we’ll do that). Getting 400 points on a quiz, with a multiplier of ×1.2 will yield 480 total points. It’s a great way to shoot up the leaderboard towards the end of the month!

However, if you miss a day, your steak will be reset to one, and your multiplier to ×1.1.

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