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A minute read · Mon 27 September


Badges are commemorative awards for reaching milestones with your progress! For example, you can win a badge (and some additional points) if you place in the top three of the leaderboards. Points from these badges will affect the ‘All-Time’ leaderboard, but not the ‘Monthly’ leaderboards. Badges are also available for one-off events like downloading our iOS app. You can view your badges any time from your Dashboard, on the ‘Badges’ tab. There are a few badges available, some are secret, and some are awarded on a one-by-one basis.

Badges discovered:
Mobile Studier: Get the Nihongo Life iOS App

Pro: Subscribe to the app, with a 14 day free trial

Japanaversary: Happy 1 year anniversary with Nihongo Life!

Recaller: Study 50 unique Kana, Kanji, Words or Verbs

Quiz Master: Complete 50 quizzes

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