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Spaced Repetition

A minute read · Mon 27 September

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is a method to optimise your study time. It works essentially by asking you to study something, just before you’re about to forget that something. Over time, your brain will remember the something for longer, and Nihongo Life won’t test you as frequently. This applies to vocabulary, grammar points, particles, numbers, counters, anything really. Medical students tend to use this study technique to remember all the terms they will use in their future careers.

Any time you complete a quiz, Nihongo Life will make a record of the quiz, and the item(s) you studied individually. Next time that item is quizzed, it will be graded in the background, depending if you got it right or wrong. If you get the item wrong, you’ll be re-tested sooner. In fact, you’re likely to be tested the same day.

In the Dashboard (and a few other helpful places) you’ll receive a summary of any items which are due, or overdue to looked at. And you can start a quiz from there. If you want to see how you’re doing, you can see any upcoming or overdue items under ‘Progress’ on the Dashboard.

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