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Steps To Master Japanese 14

2 minute read · Mon 27 September

Steps To Master Japanese 14

14. Active learning using social media


There are quite a lot of language learning accounts on Instagram and Twitter. We’ve been running ours on Instagram and Twitter for a while now.


One thing that I noticed is that there are 2 types of followers. The majority of those language account followers don’t take any actions, but there are some people who use those channels to get ahead of their learning.


I am well aware that language classes are often expensive, so no matter how bad you want to have those classroom experiences, it may not be possible for you.


So then you’ll have to grab every single opportunity that is free for you.


The majority of people just looks through posts or tweets and they feel like they know or learn something.


The truth is they don’t. They can recognize something at that moment but they cannot produce the same thing.


The scary part is that this can contribute to building up false confidence in you. Just because you recognize a lot, you feel like your level is higher than what it is actually.


Writing and speaking get better only by writing and speaking not by looking.


It’s the same in class. If you don’t pay attention to what’s happening in class, or don’t participate in class activities, you won’t learn anything. You just waste your time and money.


If you want to learn Japanese for free, you have to start active learning so you’ll be able to take advantage of those free materials for your own personal gains.

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