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Steps To Master Japanese 10

2 minute read · Mon 27 September

Steps To Master Japanese 10

Find some sources of information that YOU can trust

There are so many things you can do online and offline for your Japanese learning. Some are free while some others are not. And some of you have extra money to spend on enhancing your learning while some others don’t. Learning a language doesn’t have to cost you money. In fact, not all the paid courses are not worth your time and money. They just lure you into what they offer by saying “be fluent in 3 months” or “perfect Japanese instantly." It’s just their marketing scheme. The reality is that most of you will end up having a “teacher” who happens to be a native Japanese speaker. We offer a few different methods to help you learn.

What you do in those classes is basically to go over the textbook together like a machine. Or they treat you like a small child and play an irrelevant game that has no practical value to your learning.

This is my 10th entry to learning Japanese, and by now you probably understand what I’ve been talking about. I don’t like nonsense, so I need to tell you the truth to be fair to everyone. I know some of you have given up on learning Japanese because of a boring class or a boring teacher.

I’m sorry that happened to you. But don’t give up, if you’re a sensible learner, you’ll find something that will fit into your Japanese learning journey.

As part of your self-learning process, find a few sources of information that you can rely on. If they offer you something for free, take it, as do your best. If it costs you money, think if it’s worth it or not. Your time is limited just like your money. Make every second count and make every penny count.

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