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Steps To Master Japanese 7

2 minute read · Mon 27 September

Steps To Master Japanese 7

No more excuses

There are millions of excuses not to do anything. It’s not just for learning Japanese but it’s true in general. Maybe you’re tired today. Maybe you don’t feel like it today. The question is how many times do you say “I’ll start (again) tomorrow.”

And when does this tomorrow come?

I know it’s not easy to keep working on the same thing especially learning a new language. 95% or higher of language learning is tedious stuff that not many people find interesting or intriguing like building up vocabulary and understanding the grammar. That’s why people stop learning a new language after a while. Quite a lot of people are on and off with their target language. This is the problem. When you make it on and off, there’s no goal or target. Without any goals or targets, it’s hard to stay motivated because there’s nothing you can aim for.

Nobody wants to do any work without purpose.

You need to have a purpose to learn Japanese. Instead of justifying the reasons you are not learning anything, have an objective and a time frame like "I want to be able to learn 40 new words by the end of this week.” Self-discipline is not the easiest thing, but that’s probably the fastest way to get better at a new language.

To do today:
Make yourself some targets. Do you want to learn all Hiragana in a week? Or do you want to do just the Ra-line today? How about learning 10 words this week, and see how far you get? Or just setting a reminder at 7pmt o do 10 minutes of studying after dinner?


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