Nihongo Life

We’re here to redesign the way you study the Japanese language! No more trying one Japanese learning apps and uninstalling them after a few uses. We are here to help you learn effectively, efficiently and have fun while doing it!

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Test yourself

Practice Hiragana and Katakana on the go, the two building blocks of the Japanese language. We have quizzes that are carefully designed to suit your learning style and more advanced tests to teach you everyday words for conversations. Embrace a learning method that is more fun, challenging and competitive, but a way that also helps you remember faster and more effectively.

The most complete Japanese app

We took great effort in creating the most complete Japanese learning experience yet. One of the core features of Nihongo Life is the fantastic reference chart which includes how-to-write animations, pronunciation with real voices and handwriting practice. The more you learn, your chart will light up and you can compete for points on the leaderboard.

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Really learn to write

Our state-of-the-art handwriting recognition uses Apple's latest Machine Learning algorithms. As you practice writing kana, the app gets smarter. You can even practice your writing in the iMessage App.

A Flawless Learning Experience

Relax and enjoy the clean and well-though UI which enhances the effectiveness of your learning. All lessons and content are tailored per your learning levels allowing you to learn appropriately, make progress really quickly, and practice on the go! And when you want to learn more about any word of your interest, you may use the in-built advanced Japanese dictionary.

Driven to redefine how you learn Japanese

We’re driven by redefining the concept of learning Japanese. Our mission is to make the study Japanese authentic yet more practical so you can start speaking Japanese right away. Learning Hiragana and Katakana will always be free! If you want to continue your studies, we have an affordable subscription over in the Dictionary.

Download now for FREE and we promise effective and fast Japanese learning and an app that will become the only app you’ll ever use for learning Japanese!

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